Welcome to Wicked Good Human Resources!

Samoset Sunrise 2If every day is a new beginning, then every day we are nothing more than beginners. Only this beginning isn’t really new. Instead, it is a continuation of the Maine HR Café blog.

The Maine HR Café (MHRC)had a good run. From its first posting Welcome to Here on January 18, 2009 through to its next to last posting Good Bye on May 31, 2013.  (The last posting will be the announcement of WGHR going live).   Some MHRC data: 234 posts across 22 categories and 22 tags.  There are 41 followers with 26 comments.  Overall, there were 7,300 views and 141 comments.

Why change now?  Every now and then, you just need to reinvent what you are doing. After the 2013 Maine HR Convention, there was an undefined felt need for change. Then there was an epiphany – Wicked Good HR!  A quick GoDaddy search revealed that the URL was available. A few keystrokes , mouse clicks later & credit number data, www.WickedGoodHR.com was mine!

Maine HR Café will remain online until the domain is due renewal. Only it will not be renewed.  My other two websites – Maine Forest Café for personal blogging and Maine Photo Café will remain active. Along with these social media presences – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Wakiki Sunset

My hope is that this new beginning starts a renewed conversation on Maine HR and beyond. Expected content will be a blend of professional, philosophical, political – HR is a heavy regulated profession – and of course photography with perspective that each picture presents one thousand untyped words.

Your Mileage May Vary and please, join the conversation.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Wicked Good Human Resources!

    • Hi Sky;

      Thank you! Stay safe out there where you are. The heat wave is wicked, and now tragic. As the brother of a firefighter, I feel a connection to the Prescott 19 heroes.

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