American Bridges are falling down,Astoria Bridge

falling down, falling down

American Bridges are falling down,

My fair lady

Build it up with bricks and mortar,

Bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar,

Build it up with bricks and mortar,

My fair lady.

With a nod to the childhood nursery rhyme

London Bridge

But unfortunately, this is true per the 2012 the State of Our Nation’s Bridge Report.

This report goes on to describe the decline in bridge repair rate. The last good bridge repair administration was Bush I.  The decline started during the eight Clinton years, continued through the Bush II years, and into the Obama era.

Bridges fail for two reasons.  First, structurally deficient, in other words, worn out. The other, fracture-critical – design defective for current purpose.

There is a resource on the Transport For America website that allows you to search for good bridges gone bad within ten miles of a specified location. Take a few moments to learn if you should be going another way.

So, what is the HR connection besides obvious safety?  Never mind, safety is the obvious connection, only in a more sublime way than is directly obvious.

The bridge to safety is trust through open & shared communications. Employees need to feel safe with Speaking Up & Speaking Out. Think of a brick in your hand. That brick represents the topic of a conversation, a discussion, a dialogue.  With this brick, you have two choices, build a bridge or build a wall. Choose wisely.

Don’t let your bridge fall down.


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