This is a rare picture of a diving sea gull. Normally seagulls scavenge along the surface & edge. However, this gull was floating along the shallow surface, peering down for crabs, clams & mussels. When the next morsel is seem, the gull leaps into the air, pivots and dives for dinner. The seagull has creatively & behaviorally adapted to the opportunities at hand.

This represents a career path into HR. The transition from doing HR, the transactional details of scavenging along the easy pickings along the surface & edge of getting by in HR. To creatively & behaviorally diving into the role of Being HR. Stepping up into and through the tactical to strategic level of being.

To Be or Not To Be, Human Resources is the question.

Are you going to stay sedately on the surface, satisfied with scavenging for the doing?

Or will you take the creative risk to dive below the surface, to get the fresh tastiest morsels!?


To Be or Not To Be

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