Bad Prank Gone Worse


As reported & tweeted from The Atlantic Wire.

No, These Racist ‘Asian’ Names Aren’t Really the Pilots of Asiana Flight 214

If someone came up and told you the name of the pilot flying Asiana Flight 214, which crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, was “Captain Sum Ting Wong” you’d call him out on an offensive joke, right?

Wow, there is just so much badly wrong about this. In fact, there is nothing right.

This most likely started as a mean spirited prank that played on the media motivation of the ‘scoop’, being the first to report something newsworthy, ahead of all other media outlets. Only this time, the motivation of speed trumped any & all critical analysis. It would seem that no one took that one moment of reading the text out loud, pausing to be skeptical, or perhaps speaking up/out when the inner voice of quiet sensed that something was not right. Instead, blind allegiance to the scoop & blind faith in the TelePrompter won out.

At the expense of the respectful, mindful truth.

KTVU News. Wow. At least you had the humility to promptly apologize But, you have already taken the link down.

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Standing by for the investigation & a plausible explanation.


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