Featured HR Blogger – The HR Bartender


Featured HR Blogger – Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn Lauby is the HR Bartender, tagline Work Responsibly.

Sharlyn is a spot on HR Professional & Thought Leader with a recognized voice of authentic authority on all things Human Resources. She is also quite active on various social media channels.

Bing’ing her brings up 13,900 hits.

Twitter where she is searching for the best burger on the planet.

Linked In:


FaceBook: Tagline, Life is a highway:

YouTube: click the link on her home page

& Instagram, look for Sharyln_Lauby

In short, Sharlyn is connected. She is one of the HR bloggers that I look to for guidance, inspiration, wisdom, & motivation.

Her blogs are concise thought & conversation starters. Each blog posting usually cross posts to earlier blogs, other sites with similar content and may be referred back to in the future.

Case in point, todays Design Is An Important Business Competency refers back to You May Also Like:

Execution is Important But Analysis is Critical
Curation: The New Business Competency
Knowing When To Retire a Theory

Stop on by, belly up the bar & order a burger.


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