Friday’s Flight of Five


Five must reads to end your week & start your weekend.

What Job Does HR Really Do? by Paul Hebert on Fistful of Talent

When I was reminded of that concept – “consumers want outcomes not products” – I started thinking about HR and what they “do.”

How To Fight Racial Bias When It’s Silent And Subtle by Shankar Vedantam Correspondent, Science Desk

In the popular imagination and in conventional discourse — especially in the context of highly charged news events such as the shooting of Trayvon Martin — prejudice is all about hatred and animosity.

21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020 by Tina Barseghian

Inspired by Sandy Speicher’s vision of the designed school day of the future, reader Shelly Blake-Plock shared his own predictions of that ideal day. How close are we to this? The post was written in December 2009, and Blake-Plock says he’s seeing some of these already beginning to come to fruition.

The Case for Paying People More by Justin Fox

McDonald’s and Walmart, the two biggest private-sector employers in the U.S., don’t pay their workers much. This more or less eternal truth is making one of its increasingly frequent appearances in the news this week.

Around Alone

On December 24, 1968, astronaut Bill Anders, lunar module pilot on the Apollo 8 mission—his first and only space flight—took a photograph. In it, the distant blue earth, half in shadow, rises above the gray curve of the moon’s surface.


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