Maine Help-Wanted Ads Emphasize ‘Soft Skills’


Maine Help-Wanted Ads Emphasize ‘Soft Skills’

That’s according to the Maine Development Foundation, which conducted a survey of on-line help wanted ads.

What do Maine employer’s want? “Soft skills” is what the Maine Development Foundation found in surveying on-line help wanted ads.

Ed Cerevone, executive director of the Maine Development Foundation, says those soft skills include, “problem solving, able to work in teams, able to communicate, able to deliver product on a timely basis.”

The greatest number of online help-wanted advertising seeks the specific skills of registered nurses. Right behind that were ads seeking retail sales people, their immediate supervisors, and customer service representatives.

Cervone says all of those jobs take advantage of so-called soft skills.

View Maine Development Foundation’s entire on-line jobs report.

This story was reported and written by Irwin Gratz.

The Federal Department of Labor has also weighed in soft skills and provides online training resources. See Soft Skills to Pay the Bills — Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success for full details.

So there you have it. With effort & motivation these soft skills can & should be learned. Education & Learning are always Wicked Good things.


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