At first, form is needed.
Then doubt & inhibition must be expelled.
Eventually, form is celebrated with joy.
And expression becomes formless.

In the beginning, structure, procedures & forms are needed. This relates well with the first stage of Hershey & Blanchard situational model of human resource development.

Despite the public perception of military command & control authoritarian leadership, in the Air Force H&B’s situational leadership model is taught at all levels of enlisted Professional Military Education. (Worthy self-promotion, my final tour in the Air Force was as an Academic Instructor at the Senior NCO Academy.). A final note, H&B is in the body of required knowledge for the Air Force Promotion Fitness Exam, study material now called the Professional Development Guide.

Back to the topic at hand.

Then again, forms can also become & remain endless when there is a need to document something throughout the history of its life cycle. Pretty much a cradle to grave chain of historical significance. This is necessary in both the precision manufacturing of components sector & transportation assembly – think automotive recalls & the Boeing 787.



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