Ayuh, I am exiting the world of windows and my assimilation into the Cult of Apple is nearing completion.  It started a half dozen years ago when I won an iPod mini as a door prize drawing. That lasted for several years.

Then, during a two-year cellphone upgrade cycle, I HAD to have an iPhone. Okay, I was a wee bit obnoxiously adamant.

Somewhere along the timeline, about three? years ago, iPads entered and are now constant companions.  How anyone can get by in this modern era without one of these clever devices.

The iMac BigMac procurement excuse was for my photography obsession.  A text from the local Apple store announced delivery.  Resistant was futile, assimilation is complete.

Now if I can maybe get the Tags off of the bottom of my WordPress postings so that my faithful readers can find the comments link easier.

Cheers from ME


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