20130812-212305.jpgOne week later and I am still learning, after all of these years of Windows, my e-literacy is being realigned into the world of Apple. Pictured above is my Apple iMac. Yes that is a 27-inch monitor.  Affectionately, I call this my BigMac. Goes well with BigBlue, my 2005 Chevrolet Silverado – 3/4 ton, 2500 HD, et al, but I digress into the world of possessions.

The differences are profoundly subtle. To a significant degree, the Apple OS X Mountain Lion is sublimely intuitive. The help files need to be read to reveal the distinction between the past and the future.

The primary purpose of this new desktop is to support my photography. I was never content with the color calibration between the monitor, monitor, printer and professional printing service results. There are color calibration methods in the world of Windows. It essentially comes down to measuring 50 Shades of  White.

The first project is to slowly import 11 years of digital photography. iPhoto offers a simple yet comprehensive set of organizational schemes.  Top level organization is by Events, Photos, Faces & Places.  Beyond this provided system, you can also create Albums. Deliberate care & caution are being used while importing, organizing and creating albums.  The Places function is useful since much of my photography comes from traveling extensively. I will be able to go a global map, select a pin, and see pictures from that location.

So here is where I’ll be for awhile. Unless I’m somewhere else.

Oh, and by the way, here are a few links to my Photography on-line


Maine Photo Cafe

& to a lesser extent, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.


Still Learning After All of These Years

Thank You!

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