20130825-074030.jpgI am not generally a movie goer but am a Steve Jobs fan.  After having read the Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography on Steve Jobs, I felt compelled to see the movie.  Note, there is no content partnership between the bad movie and the excellent & authorized biography.

The movie was disappointing.  It was nothing more than a continuous over dramatization of the bad episodes of Jobs’s life with little emphasis on his brilliance.  Steve Jobs was a genius.  The movie opens with Steve Jobs launching the first iPod and ends just before that point in Steve’s life.  The story of the iPhone is not shared.  The truth behind the iPad is not revealed.  None of the truly great stuff that many of us now take for granted.

Caveat, this blog entry is being typed on an iMac, with my iPhone 5 to the left and  my iPad 2 is downstairs.

After the distasteful movie, I decided to re-read Isaacson’s biography. To my surprise, there was a corrected copy released for downloading. That has now been down and reading remains in progress. There are some noticeable content variations that are best described as enhancements.  So far, there have been no WOW moments.

A lot is made about Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field. It was usually in response to technical and artistic challenges that were thought to be either absolutely impossible or at best expensively time consuming.  In the end though, much of the impossible or expensive became profitable & competitive features. Show of hands. Who, besides  me, would like to distort your current reality field?  What are we waiting for?

Steve Jobs was a genius who made some folks very rich and improved the lives of many people beyond his employees and stockholders. His legacy of excellence is legendary.

This movie is a disgraceful distortion & disservice to Steve’s legacy.

For your own sake of reality, read Isaacson’s book. Preferably on your iPad and/or iPhone.




Thank You!

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