HR Ballast

Ballast is weight added to sailing ships to improve stability during turbulent conditions. Ballast lowers the ship’s center of gravity thus offsetting the hazardous effects of winds & waves. Without this lowered center of gravity, the ship is prone to instabilities that may result in capsize.  Nothing good ever happens when your world is turned upside down.  Lost at sea.  Vanished without a trace.

What ballast do you add to your soul that allows you to remain stable during turbulent times? Getting through the necessary daily grind of Same Stuff Different Day. Dealing with excessive employee expectations; unrealistic, isolated, insulated; the daily transactional.

To center ourselves, we typically rely on mission, vision & values. These are good in the collective sense.  If nothing else, remember that HR also means taking the Higher Road, no matter how steep the climb.  Some days are steeper than others.

But what about yourself?  How do you keep your center of gravity?  How do you add ballast for stability.

I have always been impressed by the serene depth of the Tibetan culture. Even though the Dali Lama rules in exile, his spiritual leadership provides guidance to his citizens and the citizens of the world.

Tibetan Prayer Flags


Tibetan prayer flags fly from the highest peaks in the world – the Himalayas. They are ubiquitous elements in many images taken from the end of these Highest Roads. The climb is steep and the rewards are great.  The thought is that as the wind blows through these flags, the sentiments are stirred into & throughout the global atmosphere.  The air that we share to breathe deeply. With each breath, inhalation & exhalation, add & share these values with the world.

Here are six sentiments my Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Tranquility:  The peace that comes when energies are in harmony, relationships are in balance.

Love: An inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul

Courage:  Not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them.

Happiness: When one’s spiritual needs are met by an untroubled inner life. Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others.

Peace: To bring peace to the Earth, strive to make your own life peaceful.

Wisdom: Knowledge, intuition, and experience combine to guide us into thought and deed.

I purchased my set of Tibetan Prayer Flags at Mexicali Blues in Freeport, Maine.  Of course, you can buy them online.

A future quest may be to design a personal set of prayer flags, perhaps based upon my core values.

Until then, I will use this Six Attributes of Balance set to add ballast to life’s instabilities.




Thank You!

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