Government Shutdown


This picture speaks a thousand words towards the corrupt culture of assitude that perverts the work of & for We The People in Washington. This assitude taints the leadership legacy, name & reputation of George Wahington, Thomas Jefferson & Abraham Lincoln. The bow has fallen off of our ship.

By way of full disclosure & disclaimer. I am a moderate conservative & former registered republican. Do not make any false assumption that my former registered republican status is an endorsement of the democrats. In my mind, they are equivalent to tea partiers in their fringe positions that reject communication, collaboration, and as necessary compromise.

I do admire the republicans for the fiscal restraint of bold sequestration. I reject the the democrats for their weak extension of the Bush error tax cuts. These are now obama’s tax cuts; his leadership & party are now fully responsible & accountable for the revenue shortfall that will drive the pending & sadly unfortunately necessary escalation of our, We The People’s, debt ceiling.

No complaint against the status quo has any validity, integrity or creditably without an viable and affirmative proposal for resolution. Here is mine. The current funding model for the ACA is misguided. As I understand it, the currently model is a blend of ineffective penalties, fees levied against the current fully insured citizen, & taxes on tanning salons (this business sector really needs an effective lobbyist) & durable medical equipment. One of these is a sin tax against risky behavior, the other a tax against perceived pending profits.

I have a better idea. It is a well recognized principle that our healthcare risks are driven by irresponsible consumption. Specifically, wreck less addictive consumption of sugar, salt, alcohol, unnatural processed fat content, & tobacco. These five addictive substances need to be taxed or fee levied to a level commiserate with their known unhealthy consequences. Ahh, but the fly in the ointment of this proposal is the liberal argument against alleged adverse impact on lower income earners.

Welcome to tough love. The competitive consumption market place will respond with healthier alternatives. We The People will be free to choose between paying the cost for addictive, risky, good health adverse consumption, or lower cost healthier alternatives.

It’s time to get the bow back on our leaderShip. Get over your arrogant, self-sering, ideologically blind assitude and do the good work of & for We The People.


Thank You!

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