The Countdown Continues


You could be either excited or disappointed. Excited because you are going. Or disappointed because you aren’t and the event is sold out.

So where are we going?  The destination is the fabulous & historic Mount Washington Hotel.  The second annual Strategic HR New England retreat aka conference.

Last year’s inaugural event was challenged by Super Storm Sandy. Travel disruptions influenced the cancellation of several presenters.  The hotel went into storm safety mode. The storm effects were minimal.  Expected wind & rain. A few windows were blown out of their frames & quickly repaired.

This year’s event builds on the success & lessons learned. Bud has a world class slate of presenters. Heather has filled the vendor hall.

Perhaps, well not even perhaps, the most notable achievement is that there is now an app for that.  That’s right, the conference has an app for the attendees.

I’ll be blogging about the conference between now & then, and on site as workload permits. As with last year, I am the event videographer, partnering with Jeremy Haskell from JobsinME. Jeremy conducts the interviews while I handle the production work.

Stay Tuned, as there is more to follow. Start thinking about being more Strategic Social Media Active. image


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