Instagram @ The Strategic HR New England retreat

I like to call Instagram the ‘Say Cheese‘ social media app.

It is very easy to set up & intuitive use. Go to your device’s store to download the Free app. Create a login & password & you are good to go to start taking, uploading, use the optional filters for special effect & hashtagging. The official event hashtag is #SHRNE13.

Here is a brief YouTube video that was put together using last year’s SHRNE12 hashtagged pictures. This video was produced on an iPad using iMovies.

Also, in the event app,,,,you do have the event app,,,,right?,,,there is a yet to be explored way to upload pictures.

So in addition to the new traditional Social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook, consider adding Instagram. After all, Twitter limits messages to 140 characters, while we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

See you at the Mt Washington Hotel.

NOTE: The video settings have been changed from private to public.


Thank You!

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