Casual travel day. Load, go, drive up through Crawfords Notch in a wet snow squall, unload, park, move into corner room.

The Presidentials Range was obscured by low clouds that later lifted to reveal a stout dusting of early snow.

As the production side of the event videography team, my equipment load includes a desk top computer, tote bag full of camcorder support stuff, a backpack full of my personal photography equipment, and a tripod. iPad, iPhone & a plethora of chargers for them, the camera & the camcorder and a Ethernet cable et al. Sure takes a lot of wiring to support our wireless culture.

By mid Afternoon, Jeremy Haskell of JobsinME.com & I started the videotaping. Pamela Paulk from John Hopkins Medicine, Stuart Crabb – Facebook’s Director of Learning & Cy Wakeman author of Reality Based Leadership. This our third time working together. The production process continues to mature. First time a cludgy


SHRNE Day Zero

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