I’m back from four days at the three day Strategic HR New England retreat. Some may call it a conference, others a convention, but given its location – the historic Mount Washington Hotel & Resort, I’m sticking with retreat. We drove through a wet snow squall in Crawford Notch along the way up. The weather remained iffy & became crisply nifty over the next several days.

The good folks at Northern New England Law Publishers – Bud, Heather, Becky & DJ – always put on a great show to sold out events.

Once again, for the third time, Jeremy Haskell, of JobsintheUS.com & I teamed up to produce event videos for posting on the Strategic HR New England YouTube channel. Also for the third time, I changed the video production platform. A Windows Vista laptop, nicknamed Sir Crash’A’Lot was used the first time. Buy the following Maine HR Convention, this iPad with iMovies was used. Now, an iMac with full strength iMovies was used. Each platform change had a relearning curve to get comfortable with the necessary nuances.

So I practiced with tutorials, help files & practice sessions. Then Apple iOS & apps went into a significant, 4G + 2G download & upgrade cycle. The subtle nuances were reset& I tumbled back down the learning curve slope. No videos were uploaded until I got home to a solid internet connection. Well, not so solid, it’s feeling feeble this evening. Time to reset, reboot & master this skill.

Next challenge? Learn how to use the iPhone as a wireless hotspot & work around reliance on hotel wifi & inconvenient hardwire connection. (It was down four flights of stairs, a walk to down another flight of stairs, followed by a walk to the distant fringe)

I’m up to it. This I can& will do better.


I’m Back

Thank You!

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