Life is a succession of lessons,

which must be lived to be understood.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

With that being said, my current lesson is rebuilding a website from yesterday into tomorrow.  Tomorrow applies because it has not be released into the public domain yet. Perhaps later today.

Also, to some degree or another, I’m going through an organic experiment & experience. This means I will be writing/blogging without marketing announcements on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  Why? To see who is really listening, reading.  Once this experiment is concluded, the writing/blogging will be supported with marketing announcements.  Its all about living  today’s & yesterday’s lessons to be ready for tomorrow’s application.

The same goes with the renovation & reconstruction of the Maine Photo Cafe website.  Its a wee bit intimidating when taken in whole. But each element needs to be tried and tested to become more real. Confidence does not have to be a giant leap.

Confidence building requires the three axis’s of width, length & depth. I said that better somewhere else so that power of three concept is still being fleshed out. XY&Z. RW&T – Reading & Writing thru Thinking begets wisdom.

Tomorrow’s lesson at work will be Administrative Excellence. The errors have the past should not be repeated, accommodated, or made light of.  Each release is a trial of reputation. Content & context must be accurate in order to be respected. The only emergency or urgency involves life or death with flashing lights. Slow down & check your own work.


Thank You!

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