Retirement Readiness

Are you a boomer & are you ready to retire? Really, are you sure?

According to the AARP, in an article titled, Washington boomers ill-prepared for retirement states this stark truth;

A new survey reveals that most Washington boomers haven’t saved enough for retirement and are anxious about their future.

This stark truth is as unfortunate as the reality is harsh. Denial is not an investment strategy. This generation grew up with assumption that Social Security may be adequate & is in the generational transition from the obsolete defined benefit plans of their parents and the future defined contribution plans of their children. Few lack the investment savvy or authentic awareness as to how much they really need to retire in the comfort they once imagined.

Hence , retirement is being delayed and/or postponed indefinitely. Indefinitely meaning until death do us part.

The next question that needs to be asked is this, “Do you know how much you need to save to retire on?”

Stay Tuned.


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