Merry Christmas

There, it has been & will be said.


There are 365.25 days per year. Nearly every day is a lesser, minor or major holiday for someone or something. For example, according to the website, on this day, the following three lesser holidays are celebrated:
Ann & Samantha Day, to be noted, Samantha Smith died in a plane crash about a dozen miles from here, & I have visited Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam.
National Date Nut Bread Day, &
National Haiku Day.

And who could possibly get through tomorrow, December 23, without celebrating Festivus for the Rest of Us.

What’s my point? My point is that I think you already know what my point is. Saying Happy Holidays is non sequitur nonsense. To me saying Happy Holidays is a subliminal Bah Humbug. By being politely politically correct, we avoid & thereby discount the true holiday at hand ~ Merry Christmas. We fear offending someone when in fact we insult ourselves. It’s okay to be authentic, candid & real without the intent of discounting or disrespecting ourselves & others. In other words respect starts with the self & then extends outward with inclusive intent. IF you have another holiday in mind, then declare that in your greeting of good cheer.

Tomorrow is Happy Festivus. For holiday cheer, it will remain Merry Christmas.


Thank You!

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