One of these is not like the other. The other three are redundant.

This is really a metaphor for living life – constant renewal. Otherwise, the final notice is as explained on this prior post on Life Expectancy.

If it were only that simple, receive a statement, tolerate several reminders and then process an online transaction to renew. But time is running out. If you don’t believe that, then denial may be your sublime strategy & philosophy. The smartphone app, Days of Life might be for you.  Being more aware of the time you have spent, perhaps wasted, is a good nudge to be better daily.  My perspective is changing,

the past does not have to be the same  as the future.

Three of these are for my SHRMembership.  I’ve been a member since 1998/9?  The years fade and membership goes on.

Today will be a day of reflection and renewal.  2013 will be remembers through Failures, Regrets, & Accomplishments.  Ending on the positive perspective will lead into the 2014 Resolutions & Intentions.

Stay Tuned.



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