Happy New Year

Cousins Island Bridge

2013 is gone.

Some of the good stuff that happened

  • My wife & I celebrated our 30th anniversary by
  • Visiting our 49th & 50th states – Oregon & Hawaii (island hopped to three islands)
  • Took a two week vacation – longest in too many years. I highly recommend two week vacations
  • Zeus OS – our beloved yellow labrador retriever didn’t die. He was given four – ten months to live in September 2012.  He is slumbering behind me right now, still here.
  • Started this blog – Wicked Good HR
  • Worked with the great folks at MaineHR as the videographer for the Strategic HR New England & the Maine HR Convention


  • Gained weight
  • Let Maine Photo Cafe go stagnant
  • Didn’t write with light or words as often as I had thoughts of writing with words & light

2014 is HERE!


  • Lose weight
  • Write with words & light daily
  • Kick Maine Photo Cafe into higher gear to see where that takes me

My 2014 motto, oath, slogan, toast goes like this;

May today be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.



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