A Chilling Effect


An Act To Protect Social Media Privacy in School and the Workplace“, passage of this bill as intended would have a chilling effect on schools’s & business’s obligation to provide safe school & workplaces. Not to mention to protect business trade secrets from internal industrial espionage.

Let this be known, I have near absolute respect for any citizens right to privacy & freedom of speech. Within the boundaries of collective safety & security.

The Portland Press Herald reported on this today in an article titled Maine Legislature considers protecting the privacy of social media passwords.

Turn over your Facebook and Twitter password please.

No, really, we mean it.

Any workplace restriction must also consider the NLRB approved Social Media policy which tacitly allows employer oversight in certain situations. Also, any employment legislation deserves a hearing in front of the Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development committee.

Before creating online content, consider some of the risks and rewards that are involved. Keep in mind that any of your conduct that adversely affects your job performance, the performance of fellow associates or otherwise adversely affects members, customers, suppliers, people who work on behalf of [Employer] or [Employer’s] legitimate business interests may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The bill is scheduled for a Work Session on January 16 @ 1 PM Maine time. The audio broadcast can be listened to here.

Stay tuned here as this bill wanders through Augusta’s sausage factory.


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