From the Inspire Me Challenge.

Laura Bosse says:

A piece of advice I often give is something I heard at an HR Convention several years ago and that keeps me engaged and contributing, no matter what………”if you can’t get out of it, get into it!” What does this mean to you?

It could mean several things, usually means doing what you must do whether you like it or not, whether you want to or not, but it has to be done anyways. So do it now and the rest of the day gets better. If/when the task is put off, procrastinated away, it doesn’t go away to somewhere between forever & never. Instead the agony & angst is prolonged, possibly devolving into anger.

Winter Field

Beyond the simple not liking a task, this may include having a profound internal personal, philosophical, or political conflict with an imposed obligation. Then there is only one way out, all the way out of the profession.  OR, all the way in by placing your professional pride and performance into the obligation.

HR is highly regulated profession.  These are best defined by the SHRM Core Disciplines which include  include administrative, Benefits, Business Leadership & Strategy,  Compensation, Employee Relations,  Ethics, Organizational & Employee Development, Safety & Security, Staffing Management & Technology.  (See the listing of categories for Wicked Good HR.) A lot of hats for one brain.  Each hat has varying degrees of compliance concerns.

The value added through compliance is generally pain/penalty avoidance.  The positive aspect fits within the Business Leadership & Strategy practice of risk management.  Time to dot those I’s, cross those T’s; then post, file, archive and eventually shred when  the statute of limitations expire.

My personal philosophical/political conflict with imposed compliance concerns is regulation creep ~ wouldn’t it be nice if…..mentality.   Each standing national & state legislature adds to the complexity, which is never balanced by sunsetting quaint & functionally obsolete requirements. At some point in time, somewhere between forever & never, a balance needs to be achieved.  IF you want to add a new law to the books, an old law needs to be rescinded.  This is my dream that is really nothing more than a silent scream.

Since there is no way out, there is only one way in.  The excellence of applied personal & professional pride.

Case in point, last fall’s HCR mandatory market place notification. Simple compliance would have been to release only to the  minimal essential required model notice for absolute compliance. Instead, a cover letter was added to explain what the notice was about and why the notice was necessary.  A clear and concise FAQ was added for further clarification.

Philosophically, I feel that the HCR/ACA is misfunded. The penalty for non-enrollment needs to be equivalent to the Bronze Plan  premium.  Apparently, the tanning salon and durable medical equipment sectors – taxed to support HCR – have ineffective lobbyists in Washington. These taxes and penalties have less to do with encouraging healthy lifestyles, than consumption penalties – TAX. What I  mean is the dietary consumption of excess Alcohol along with  processed Fat, Salt & Sugar. The health risks of excessive or chronic consumption are well known. The costs have been calculated by actuaries.  Tobacco use is already heavily taxed with those funds added to general funds v being used to subsidize relevant health care costs. Perhaps realizing that you are paying a sin tax/penalty may be an incentive  for you to make a healthier choice. The apple over the doughnut, et al.  Who really likes paying taxes anyways? ~ thats for someone else to do.

So I have been inspired to remain a Human Resources Professional while approaching the imposed obligations of endless compliance with Integrity, Service & Excellence.


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Thank You!

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