Eight Months Later


Eight months later and Wicked Good HR stumbles on while gaining traction through activity and marketing cross posts to FaceBook, LinkedIn & Twitter. I write with light to learn, clarify & share. Every now & then I swing for the fences. Other times, a strike out occurs. Such is life. January has been the best month yet.

The same thing could be said about my photography. Sometimes it is snapography, other times it’s photography. The difference is taking a lot of pictures or writing a lot of words instead of taking the time to take that one picture or writing that one sentence that triumphantly speaks beyond saying, seeing or sensing.

But that is there is only way to get from the plentiful to the authentic austerity. And that path is to write until right occurs & then distill the message to its vital essence. So the writing continues with unspoken goals yet to be achieved.

Blogging should inspire a reflective conversation. However, this blog in its current format, masks the convenient process to intuitively comment. Hint, look at the tags or open the post in its own window & scroll down. In the mean time, I’ll look for a better format to hear back from you.

Stay tuned. The momentum may accelerate.


Thank You!

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