Five For Friday


I Enter The Haggis at the Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine. Listen to some great Celtic Rock Fusion.

II. Be Kind To Your Employees, But Don’t Always Be Nice on the Harvard Business Review blog network. Some of the best HR content isn’t always on your typical HR sites. At 39, I was the CEO of a company with a few hundred employees. Depending on the day and the employee you asked, I’d rate anywhere from a zero to a seven on the unkindness scale (10 being a tyrant). I’d guess that I normally hovered around 4.5.

III. Your #1 Concern on the Manpower Employment Blawg. What one thing concerns you most about the world of work right now? Several hundred of you took the time to write out your deep thoughts. We thought we’d share ‘em with the world.

IV. The Definitive Miley Cyrus Guide to HR on the always insightful Fistful of Talent.

As told through her latest (and greatest?) album… Bangerz. Her distinct and deep knowledge of HR is woven into the tapestry of her latest album. Don’t hate her because she’s got a really long, slightly bleached pointy tongue. Hate her because she knows HR better than you. Haters hate. Leaders lead.

Let’s analyze the HR gospel that is Bangerz. Her words, our world.

V. Five Great posts to read to make you a better HR Manager by Michael Haberman on March 12, 2014. I wanted to point out to your five great blog posts that I think you should read. These posts will educate you, make you a better Human Resources professional and may even answer a question you have. They will certainly prepare you to answer some questions in the future.

And here you have it, nine posts to broaden our perspective on Human Resources. Starting with some great music from Enter The Haggis, always be kind but you don’t have to be nice, through what wakes you up at 3 AM (you know you do), with another twerkless musical sideshow and back to solutions that answer and ask.

Enjoy your Friday.


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