Zero Tolerance

Harbor Flag

The following notice appeared up on one of my several social media platforms,;

Your group posting status:  Your posts across groups are being moderated temporarily because ONE of your recent contributions was marked as spam or flagged for not being relevant. Learn more.

So, based on an unspecified sample size of one, an action taken by one, whether intentional or deliberate, and now my submissions have to go through moderation. Which is one step away from censorship.

There were some good rationalizations provided as to when moderation is useful:

We allow group management to determine the appropriate level of moderation for discussions in their groups. Moderation has proven helpful in avoiding the rapid spread of spam or other misconduct in groups, while still allowing you to submit your posts.

When a group member’s recent contributions to a group are marked as spam or flagged for not being relevant, that member’s posts to all their other groups are automatically subject to approval by group management before being posted.

I have reached out to the group managers that I manually cross-post into. I am selective as to what goes where, while realizing that once content is out there,  I have no true control as to where it goes, and who likes it and who despises it. (Another reason for also having a DisLike button.)  Only one manager has returned my email.  So for now, my comments and postings are being sequestered pending moderation.  Censorship remains an option, hopefully a remote & distant option. 

Here is the icing on the cake:

Note: The mechanism that changes a member’s posting permissions is automated and cannot be reversed by customer support. We cannot provide a list of which groups blocked a member due to privacy restrictions.

So, any one anonymous person has ultimate control without consequence. Any post can be flagged as spam or marked as not being relevant. No explanation is necessary. No recourse is available. The only recourse is a moderated timeout and release will come with good behavior.

This posting will be made only here on Wicked Good HR. It will not be crossposted.  Instead, I will patiently wait out this, untouched by human minds, action.

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