Billion Dollar Madness

Royal River Ice Floes

For the first time ever, I’m assembling an NC2A bracket. (Pause for the earth to shudder, wobble & quiver.)

Why now? Why not before? Just Why?

$1,000,000,000. Thats a dollar sign, a one, three zeros x three. The Buffet Billion with Big capital BBs. Or B2. That gross of course. The federal gov’t gets a cut. The state governor gets a cut. At least one, if not both, will be sending me signed thank you notes for the tax revenue boost.

What will my pick strategy be? Pick’em by W v Ls? Always pick the top seed and hope that this will be a record no upsets at all year?

Perhaps I could start by researching the team colors and pick all the red teams to win. That strategy is endorsed by the context presented in Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter.

Olympic wrestlers are more likely to win a medal if they are wearing red.

DTP also mentions that players in black uniforms are more aggressive and score more points by weakening their opponents through the intimidation of color. Now that would make an interesting winner/loser analysis. This blog article NCAA Jersey Tournament talks to a strategy based on uniform jerseys . Might be worth watching as a counter point to red/black selection.

Or I may keep it simple and just coin toss heads v tails.

Stay Tuned as my results are posted & reported.


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