Sunday – my day off?!

  1. Already posted over on Maine Forest Cafe ~ Growing Older not Up.
  2. Download camera ~ upload as/if appropriate. Probably, at least on the HRASM FaceBook page, the last remnant of my ownership of an HRASM Social Media Channel.
  3. Review narrative, first draft, then secondraft (142) later.
  4. OE~second review with notes, comments, ideas, questions
  5. SF2.0 lesson plan
  • Cy Wakeman’s Value Equation
  • Netflix’s Fully Formed Adult
  • 34 Themes
  • Questions for Reflections
  • Partnerships

6. WGHR/MFC weekly digest

Normally, Sundays are days off. But I got smothered this past week, not unexpectedly, as it is the traditional start of busy season. Company annual meeting, openrollment (142), State HR Convention, OE after action, & capstoned by the annual 401k audit.  Every day is a detail day, on top of the normal day to day.   And it started last week.

Also, I may be tinkering with this website design. Articles in draft include Puppy Pictures, the Great State of Maine HR Compensation Survey, and ACA options in Maine.

Its time to get started.

1036: 190 photos on the chip. Content includes safety investigation, HR Chapter Meeting, the moon, upper Royal River, and the old Half Moon Motor Court.

11:34: Review narrative – first draft.


Thank You!

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