Puppy Pictures Motivate You to do Better Work


Drunk Tank Pink proves & explains context is everything. Whether we know it, realize it, respect it, or not.

Adam Alter wrote an excellent & interesting book titled Drunk Tank Pink – subtitled And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel and Behave.

Drunk tank pink is the color used on the walls of drunk tanks. The color tames the aggression of belligerent drunks. The same hue is useful for calming other aggression situations. Say, perhaps, the visiting teams locker room. This was actually implemented and subsequently banned.

Later in the book, there is another drunk contextual example provided. IF college students study for tests while they are drunk, they score better when taking the test while drunk. One or the other isn’t really advised.

Color & alcohol are not the only contextual influences that shapes how we think, feel and behave. The book has three parts, each broken into three parts. Each part explains a different contextual within, between & around us.

Part One: The World Within Us
1. Names
2. Labels
2. Symbols

Part Two: The World Between Us
4. The Mere Presence of Other People
5. The Characteristics of Other People
6. Culture

Part Three: The World Around Us
7. Colors
8. Locations
9. Weather and Warmth

Everything matters to varying degrees.

True or False: Kittens And Puppies Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Believe it or not, true. In 2012, Japanese researchers found that subjects who viewed photos of adorable wee critters performed a task requiring care and attention 10 percent better than if they saw no cute ducklings or bunnies. Demure tiny elephants, in other words, motivated people to do better work.



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