Maine HR Convention 2014 Update #1

The Maine HR Convention starts one weeks from tomorrrow. In other words, Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

It’s time to get started. You are registered, right? IF not, you can still attend virtually through various Social Media channels. The #Hashtag is #MEHRC14. There will be chatter on Twitter, pictures on Instagram, and videos on YouTube.

Have you downloaded the app for that? The great folks at Maine HR dot com, aka Northern New England Law Publishers, have a great app that will enhance your convention experience.

With any luck at all, my April semi-hiatus from blogging will be coming to an end. [I’ve got several in draft mode – just need to revisit, revise & polish] April has been a busy month. At work it’s been all about open enrollment preparations. Changed brokers, major health plan redesign, et al. At home, we spent the first weekend of April in Tucson. Two weeks later, we were in Birmingham, Alabama doing an acceptance inspection & test drive on a Class A RV. As soon as the financing process comes to closure, perhaps today, will start the contract delivery process. Normally, April’s calendar is supposed to open, not busy. This year, not so much so.

Stay tuned for more updates from #MEHRC14.


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