MEHRC14.3 Making a Difference


Making a Difference is this year’s convention theme.

How does HR make a difference in employee’s work & home lives?

How do you make a difference in your role as a Human Resource Professional?

The best way to make a sustainable difference is to know yourself first. Various methods are available that include StrengthFinders 2.0 {SF}, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and the complimentary DiSC model. SF is my personal favorite as it identifies Strengths & Talents without identifying weaknesses & challenges. What is your Vision Statement? What are your Core Values?

Once you have done this for yourself, extend the same awareness to your team members.

Making a difference can be measured by your commitment level across three tiers – employees, company & profession. There is a distinction to be made between doing HR & being HR. Doing HR is best described as the functional/transactional level. Being HR takes it to a tactical then strategic level. Most days are a smattering of doing the essential along the path of becoming the difference.

Going to the Maine HR Convention, joining your local HR Chapter & attending meetings, taking on a volunteer leadership role, et al are all examples of Making a Difference.

I’ll see you seen at #MEHRC14. Smile and say cheese.


Thank You!

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