MEHRC14.4 There’s an App For That


And why wouldn’t there be? The good folks at have partnered with CVent/Crowd Compass to put together a world class app for the 19th annual Maine HR Convention.

Back in the day, and not so long ago, the convention published & printed a modest sized telephone book full of all the necessary material to compliment the full convention experience. Timber went the trees and the pulp/paper business thrived.

Then there was the transition though CDs, thumb drives and password protected online access. Another way of looking at it is we have gone from pen and pape to passwords and power through battery chargers. It is difficult to imagine what could be next. I guess Google glass is next after smart devices – both phones & tablets. But even then there would be an app for that.

IF you are going to the convention, take some time to familiarize yourself with the functions & features of the StrategicHR app, available for both Apple and Android devices. The app also allows direct live tweeting from within the app, thus sharing the convention experience beyond the physical barriers of the Samoset Resort and out to the greater connected HR community.

Make connections, post pictures & Tweet On!


Thank You!

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