What a wild & crazy month & a half.

April started with a pleasant, albeit too brief, sojourn to Tucson, Arizona. Like some trips, the upfront expectations yield to reality. Overall, it was a great trip, a reminder & refresher of the pleasantness of Tucson in April.

Then it got crazy. We have been casually shopping for a Class A RV. Like most major purchases, you know the right thing when you see. BAM. An RV that met our expectations was found on eBay. Yes, Ebay. It was in Alabama.


We flew down over Easter weekend for a single day User Acceptance Inspection. Loved it, drove it, bought it. Then it got crazy. Internet research revealed the best, low cost, financing charge. The research failed to mention that low cost also included low customer service. It will take at least six weeks from loan approval to plates on the Class A. By the way, it is a 2008 Winnebago Destination, currently/finally, sitting it the driveway.

But wait, there is more.

April/May ended/began with annual openrollment. A difficult renewal. A broker change and several carrier changes were implemented across group and voluntary benefits. As if this were not difficult enough, that transition from paper to eventually electronic enrollment has begun.

But wait, there is still more. The Maine HR Convention was next on the docket. I do both photography and videography. The videos are posted to YouTube. The weakest link in this process has always been internet connectivity.


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