Three by Three


Three is a number that provides balance to symmetry. Symmetry is usually thought of as pairings, Good/Bad, Dark/Light, Conservative/Liberal, et al. In reality, there are very few sharp divisions. Each forced choice between one or another doesn’t yield what is best for the greater good.

One powerful technique is to offer a third alternative, the path between so to speak. One application of this is to ask/answer these three questions three times.

What do I need to start doing? = Opportunity
What do I need to stop doing? = Weakness
What do I need to continue doing? = Strength

One answer that I will share is this; I need to study for my annual physical exam daily. By stopping certain activities, and starting other activities, a strength can replace former poor choices by taking affirmative actions on good intentions. Cramming for an exam is a poor path.

So, grab a pen & paper, step away from Facebook/Twitter/Instagram {note the three}, and spend some time reflecting.

We are what we repeatedly do.


Thank You!

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