Five for Friday 20140606


How Star Trek Will Finally Come True: The technology advances of the last 30 years were great. But they’re just the start. What’s most exciting is still to come, says Nilofer Merchant. But none of the vision of humanity’s future that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry developed has materialized yet. His idea was that each person was able to contribute, that their differences were put to use, and that purpose aligned them to do better, together.

Mutual Inquiry: 8 Steps to Shift & Deepen Thinking. Okay, you had me at Thinking. The infographic is visual appealing. And I think I found a new/another favorite blog.

Posing questions to deepen thinking is a valuable leadership practice. It is one of the most powerful ways to help others shift their thinking and see new perspectives. It is an art and skill that can be mastered with practice.

Asking not only right question, but the right kind of question, then listening to the answer is always the best way to move forward in another direction. Hence, this blog takes it to the next level by advising you to pose questions for reflective response v ask questions for direct answers.

To Negotiate Effectively, First Shake Hands

From the always Good To Know Harvard Business Review Blogs.


The interpersonal touch that connects & matters, to both parties.

Handshakes can create a positive first impression by conveying a sociable personality. In one study, a firm handshake was positively related to extraversion and emotional expressiveness and negatively related to shyness and neuroticism.

Let’s shake on it.

Can GM Make it Safe for Employees to Speak Up?

GM CEO Mary Barra announced a “Speak Up for Safety” program. “GM must embrace a culture where safety and quality come first,” Barra said at a company town hall meeting. “GM employees should raise safety concerns quickly and forcefully, and be recognized for doing so.”

Have a great weekend, then make next week even better.

Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas.
J.K. Rowling


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