On A Saturday Afternoon

From Saltwater Farm Campground, near Thomaston, Maine. This picture was uncharacteristically taken with iPad 2 camera. It is the view from hear & now. This moment.

First day of summer, got up @ 4:30 AM for this solstice sunrising.


The best part about RV’ing is the not doing. Right now, I’m not doing a chore/errand {chorerrand} thing around the house. That list gets left behind. Instead, being here in this then & now allows generous time for to oft neglected iterative activities. Those being reading, writing, reflecting, then rinse repeat.

The summer reading list officially starts today. Only I’ve got three books done so far. Those books include The Checklist Manifesto, I AM HR, and Reality-Based Leadership. The next one is The Carrot Principle. And then there is the foot & a half high stack at home. Each of these books, in there own way, speak to leadership, management & human resources. Essential and interesting topics. In between, there will be supplemental reading of the Harvard Business Review, selected blogs, interesting tripped over items from the Twitter feed, thinking, reflecting & writing while looking to the St George river estuary for eagles. The current eagle count is three.

It is said, that management is doing things right while leadership is doing right things. With that in mind, what is the title for the person who is doing the right things the right way? is there really any such thing as doing the right things the right way? {think beyond imposed compliance and consequences} I guess my quest could be define the role that blends the right things/way. I’ll get back to you on that.

Now for a turn to HR Certifications. SHRM turned the professional HR world on its head last month by breaking up with HRCI & establishing a seemingly competing professional certification. Much has been written by many others. This is my take on the situation.

The HRCI S/PHR certification is based on a published body of knowledge. The SHRM certification is to be based on application of core competencies. Looking at Bloom’s taxonomy of learning objects, these tests span across the levels of Knowledge, Comprehension and into Application. IF SHRM’s intent is to test to the Application Level of Learning, it still needs to be be based on a identified, defined, & published body of knowledge.

It is to bad that SHRM did not engage its membership into a meaningful dialogue before taking this next step that builds upon, advances & could have enhanced the advancement of the professsion. HRCI would have remained a strategic partner.

But even application level testing only goes far and that is not far enough. As compliance driven as HR is, the next steps to legitimize the profession will be either Board Certified to Practice, or bar exam’esque licensed to practice. After all, nearly everything we learn or told or advised with the caveat that this does not constitute legal advice and we should consult a workforce attorney for legal guidance. Even they will hedge their bets with clauses that legally defer accountability.

That’s my take on certification, board certified, & licensure.

Now for my final thought. Notice that I used the obscure term of Workforce Attorney v the traditional quaint term of labor attorney. It’s time to advance {Eagle being chased by crows photography break – that’s four) our vocabulary by replacing labor withe modern term of Workforce. Most of us are human resources professionals, not labor relations specialist.

Think about it while I turn to The Carrot Principle.


Thank You!

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