HR Rule 2 of 31

2. Wait for the common sense of the morning.

Unless the building is on fire, when presented with an emotionally volatile situation, allow time for mature tempers to cool.

The key is mature temperatures. Immature tempers will take this time to fixate with hyper-viglilante’ism and write a seemingly plausible story to deny accountability.

By waiting until tomorrow, sleeping on it per se, your mature subconscious mind will reflect v the immature mind’s rumination.

One way to think about the wild hyper-vigilance approach is to recognize that the person is locked in an emotional storm of sorts and not thinking clearly, if thinking at all.

Use Cy Wakeman’s exit strategy to avoid any immediate further dangerous drama, “You’ve given me a lot to think about, can I get back to you tomorrow?”


One thought on “HR Rule 2 of 31

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