HR Rule 9 of 31

Don’t screw with employee’s pay.

Work is an exchange of value for value. Each employee’s value is driven by several factors which include education, experience, potential and the employment market. Every job has an employment market value.

The more people that can/will do your job, the less your job is worth. Consider the gas station attendant, who use to pump your gas for you. How much do you reckon that job is worth now? We all pump our own gas now. I guess that value exchange has been adjusted downward due to the elimination of the labor cost associated with the task. We use to pay a cashier, how quaint is that! Now we typically swipe the credit card at the pump. Thus the entire transaction occurs without the touch of another human mind.

“Money demands that you sell not your weakness to man’s stupidity but there talent to your reason.”
John Galt in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.


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