HR Rule 11 of 31

The three Fs of reality.

Eliminate Friction by separating Fact from Fiction.

Respond only to Fact(s).

Fiction are the stories we tell ourselves. These stories are emotional dramatic creations of things that didn’t happen, haven’t happened, and most likely never will. These stories always include the assigning of Blame & Shame while denying personal accountability & enhancing victimhood.

Extra credit, tell yourself better stories.

Facts are the lubricant for a better future.


Further more, neither become a work of friction or fiction. Remain steadfastly authentic. Save the drama for the next work of Shakespeare. Several weeks ago, we went to see ‘A Woman of No Importance’ at the declared Shakespeare Festival season themed The British Invasion. By the end of the play, the Woman of No Importance was truthfully declaring her adversarial character ‘a man of no importance’. The work of fiction had devolved into a work of friction and ended up being no one of importance. This despite leading of a life of imposed leisure that led to his own self-destruction. Let the trivial subside into their forever their withering insignifcance. Spend your time with the willing to allow the business to flourish.


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