HR Rule 12 of 31

Don’t forget to play.

HR’s professional obligations are serious. We deal with people’s life, revenue, benefits & retirement. Career cradle through cash to grave.

Enjoy Life by reading

But, being persistently too dour or serious drains the emotional bank account. It’s okay {& necessary} to be empathic, sympathetic, authentic & on task. But balance is needed.


Persistent glibness is a on the other side of excess.

Play engages the mind through finding the rules, creating the rules, and then making the rules better. Always improve upon your personal best without having to succeed over anyone else, other than yourself.

Play for me includes how many letters I can type without a typo. So this sentence is being typed without correction. So far, so good, the game is not speed, but winning thorough action.

Anotehr game for me is playing with the controls on my new Nikon D7100. Wonder what this one does? Usually somewhere between WOW & hmpphhttt.

How do you play? {how many typos did you count/find?) The worse ones are the contextual typos. They pass spell text, while failing the smell test.


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