HR Rule 13 of 31 – Corrective Coaching

Do not corrective coach via email.

IF at all possible, the individual face to face.

At least, pick up the phone & call.

It’s always possible.


The longer I go on, the more real this becomes. We can either talk to the voices in our head or speak with reality. The voices in our head speak from fear or hatred, rarely from the heart of compassion. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a draft email in my outlook at work.The outlook of sending this email as is, is poor. It should only reek of yet to be expressed disappointment. But if read without the value of at least my voice of disppoinment, it will be read through the recipients fears and other, perhaps yet to be expressed reality. The email needs to be at least edited,if not e-shredded.

Whenever we need to communicate with another, we carry the heavy load of a red brick. That same brick has a dual purpose. It can either build a wall, or build a bridge.

One ringy a dingy.


One thought on “HR Rule 13 of 31 – Corrective Coaching

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