HR Rule 14 of 31

Do your own homework.

Then do some more. These days, with the plethora of search engines, answers are typically & literally several keystrokes away. Most times, its more a matter of refining your search string. It has never been this easier and continues to get even more concisely & keystroke predictive.


Since some search engines earn or enhance their revenue with paid for SEO resullts. It’s always good to pit one search engine against another. Just to add a bit of skeptical variety to the results.

We have done something similar with GPS’s, pit one against the other. The difference is in the programmer’s algorithms and source data set. One way or the other, there is always another way to broaden the perspective by adding depth and range beyond singular solutions.

Once you have a bunch of knowledge, sit down to write all about it. Through this exploratory melding of thoughts, this knowledge becomes your wisdom. Don’t deny your wisdom by expecting others to do your homework.


One thought on “HR Rule 14 of 31

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