HR Rule #15 of 31

The best way out is always through.


These turkey chicks are part of a brood of about nine and spend their days closely following their mother hen through the neighborhood. They always hover nearby each other.

Challenging times remain a constant in Human Resource. There are nearly a dozen core disciplines to tend to daily, weekly, monthly and annually. There never seems to be enough time for anything. Many things take twice to thrice to get right once.

Proactive management is necessary to ensure that the basics are met & mastered. Ad hoc laissez faire leadership is inadequate. The only path is through ongoing planning and oversight. Commit to sustaining deliberate processes.

So today, I drafted the first ever HR Team Weekly plan. Started with administrative details. Next week will start adding projects. This dovetails neatly into the drafting of the 2015 annual, quarterly & monthly human resources/safety director/environmental dude tasking calendar.

Somedays, I would rather be in the turkey brood, getting ready to fly up to cover in the nearest highest pine tree. It is always amazing to see a full grown turkey fly. Brings new meaning into beat the air into submission.


One thought on “HR Rule #15 of 31

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