Sabbatical Over

It was good to be gone and necessary to go back.


There were more eagles than before, less whales. Daily sunrises, some good, other obscured by fog. Day trips and day long sitting at the shore with a book in hand, camera & binoculars close by. By about halfway through, the deeper relaxation takes over, then slowly the realization that the end gets closer daily.

Now the end is today. Tomorrow is the day I return to continue.

There are good times ahead. Next month is the third annual Strategic HR New England Retreat at the historic Mt Washington Hotel. I will be serving as the event photo/videographer. This is my niche. Reluctantly at first, but humbled by the challenge.

November will be Maui.

Between now, then & beyond, I have a lot of writing to do. A full strategic redirection of the HR, Safety Director & Environmental functions. The challenge will be to rise above the transactional & have full collaborative conversations and transparent development. Perhaps overdue, but never too late.


Thank You!

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