Well, I submitted my second SPHR recertification this week. So I now entering by 13th year of remaining an S/PHR.

The journey started with passing the PHR using back in the day processes. Paper with a #2 pencil to fill in the mark corresponding to answer options A, B, C or D. Mailed back for scoring. Results released of six weeks of angst infested doubt. Passed anyways. Re-certified once.

Instead of re-certifying a second time, studied for and took the SPHR upgrade exam. This time on-line, in a test center, with Pass/Fail results upon completion. No lingering angst infested doubt. Passed the first time. Got the full results later and recall being quite pleased.

Re-certified once and now twice. The career marches on.

While putting in the credits online, complete with course titles, there were some memories as the content, but not full recall. The notes from the sessions have vanished. I’m sure some of the content remains within my applied education & experience. But, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have those old notes to look back through?

So, I’m working on challenging myself a wee bit more this cycle. Notes will be kept on this iPad. A spreadsheet to track near realtime completion. The emphasis will be on Business credit accumulation for recertification. General credit will be used as/if required. Leadership & Membership credit will not be used as a filler.

Then there is the whole new certification on the block. SHRM abruptly revoked its long time HRCI affiliation and introduced a competing certification. I haven’t decided yet. The name is awkward as it seems as much a marketing ploy that advances the society in lieu of advancing the profression.

Truth be told, adding another competing certification does not advance the profession in the right direction. To truly advance the Human Resources profession, a different direction is needed beyond knowledge or application level testing. The next step should at least be a level of board certification. The final stage should be a level of serious licensure at the state level. There is little energy in the profession for this to occur.

After all, any one can do HR. But few can BE HR.


Thank You!

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