HR Rule 16 of 31


Shut up, Listen & Suspend Judgment.

We humans are way too quick to jump to illogical conclusions. This hurts & erodes personal credibility. Even if we think we have heard it all, are tired of hearing it again, it many be being said by someone else for the first time. Respect this someone else.

Ask questions. {this is another topic for another HR Rule}. Respond by paraphrasing so that know that they have been heard. The act of listening is like brick laying. Each brick can either build a wall or build a bridge. Choose your building projects wisely. By paraphrasing, this someone else will respond naturally with additional information.

Jumping to illogical conclusions is a natural defense mechanism. Survival requires us to jump, run, & don’t look back when the primitive saber-toothed tiger threatens our very existence. That saber-toothed tiger is extinct. We have continued to evolve. Its okay to be wary, to be skeptical, but not become jaded with this one someone else.

“Excuse me, what were you saying, my mind was/went somewhere else?” Let’s talk about it.


One thought on “HR Rule 16 of 31

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