HR Rule 18 of 31

Every dollar not spent is a dollar earned.


Employment provides total compensation ~ direct pay and benefits.

Pay is based on market value.  The more people that can/will do a job, the less that job is worth. Pay is a persistent news topic. Fair pay, equal pay, pay transparency, pay inequality, the top 1%, minimum wage, living wage, salary, wage, overtime & etc. These topics require further exploration.

Benefits are a bit more elusive, so far as the value is measured.  Mandatory benefits are entitlements. Employees make mandatory ‘contributions’ to Social Security & Medicare with the Employer paying a 100% match.  Medical/Rx insurance is also now mandatory.  Discretionary benefits include Paid Time Off  (vacation & sick pay is quaintly archaic), Paid Holidays; perhaps dental, vision, life insurance, short/long term disability, and access to a 401(k) ~ with or without a company match. Voluntary benefits ~ watch the AFLAC infomercial.

As always, Stay Tuned.


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