Election Season Begins Now


Today is October 1, 2014. For my personal philosophical purposes, the election season begins now. Yes, the ‘primaries’ were back at the beginning of the summer. Some were contested, others were annoited. Last month the mail flyers arrived in the mailbox and took the first path to the recycling bin.

Before this series starts in earnest, you should now where I come from politically. I belong to no party or clique (nod to the Atlantic magazine’s tag line .) I abandoned party politics because of the prescribed dogmatic litmus tests. The term INO – In Name Only, is intellectually insulting and demeaning. Therefore my affiliation does not count towards either party’s demographics.

Instead, IF I need a label, use Libertarian. Or fiscal conservative-social moderate. The most important and successful social program is full time employment.

Of course, for those who have different perspectives, you have two options available.
1. Respond to the post.
2. I extend to you the opportunity to guest post.


Thank You!

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