After All, I’m Back Again


Took an extended weekend off by going upcountry to the Big Maine Woods. Except for a false alarm from the sensitive TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) while 40 miles deep on dirt road, and overcast drizzle to overnight down pouring rain, it was a relaxing weekend. I would be remiss in not mentioning the fact that the GPS guided the Class A RV up & over secondary roads that would be best driven by sports cars or motorcylces. Such is the life on the road.

Lots going on in my mind. This week, I’ll be expanding on last week’s Maine DOLabor HR Day, election campaign season – do you vote for or against?, and getting ready for Strategic HR New England.III.

And I’ll go to work, meet challenges head on, and grind through other stuff. Recent events are modifying my focus from Human Resources towards Safety Director.

On my reading list for this week – QBQ! by John G. Miller as recommended by Cy Wakemant.

What’s on your mind & work slate for the week?


Thank You!

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